Holistic Planning

What is holistic planning?

Holistic planning involves the many different phases of your life, not all financial. It encompasses exploring and defining a purpose driven life, one that fulfills God's role for you in this life, then developing a strategic plan to fulfill your goals and plans for the future. The holistic view of your financial life often includes a look at all of your assets and liabilities including your investment accounts, real estate, valuables and the needs of your family. This information is coordinated together into a cohesive whole to create a comprehensive financial plan that will help you to carry through the steps needed to achieve your goals. Estate planning, tax strategies, charitable giving, and a review of your insurance coverage needs are all important players in effective long term Christian financial planning.

Regardless of the number of financial accounts you may have, in order to maximize your investment returns, it is important that your investment assets are managed holistically. Holistic investment planning and management encompasses all of your accounts including both retirement accounts and taxable investment accounts.

How a Christian Financial Planner can help

The complexities of the financial planning process can be intimidating or too time-consuming for many to complete on their own. A financial planner can help consolidate and strengthen your financial plan so that you have a plan for the future. This may include guidance on a number of topics such as planning for retirement or your children’s and grandchildren's education, looking to minimize estate taxes, investing in a cause you believe in, or simply to have a review so that you gain the peace of mind that you're on track.

God grants you this life to be a good steward and to practice a fulfilling Christian life. A Christian financial planner and an investment advisor who offers holistic financial services combined with the wisdom gathered from years of real world experience can help guide you in securing your financial future, achieving your goals and being a good steward of your family, your church and your life.

A good fit is important

It is important to interview different financial planners to see who may be the best fit for you and the help you need in building a holistic plan for your various accounts and assets. You will want to select a competent, qualified professional who supports your Christian values, who you feel comfortable with, and that you can trust, and one whose expertise and business style suits your financial planning needs. Finding the right advisor for you who also follows your Christian principles can help ease your mind and provide a support system and sounding board for life's big decisions.

Here are a couple of helpful links to help you get started with the financial planning process and finding an advisor to meet your needs: